Quality Education Over a label of ‘Ivy League’ ?

Quality Education over a  label of ‘ivy league’ ?

 Every student or at least every parent wants the best of education for their children but sometimes the overall purpose of education gets lost in the way between school and higher education . 

 Getting into an ivy league is an amazing achievement, it seems like the ticket to a good life or that’s what I have been told all my life. But growing up I realised that it’s not the idea of going to a prestigious university but the idea of getting a prestigious and valuable education that is better. And From a place suitable for ‘me’ and not just every outstanding student which would foster my overall development and most importantly, my happiness.
 I think that every student should consider different options, not just limited to one place or one label. For me, as I aspire to be a global citizen, I feel like going to an institution where I would be valued for who I am and my ideas would be criticised by like minded critics. I have extended my choices to Europe, an unappreciated continent in terms of quality education. Again, one might think of the United Kingdom as the ideal european state of renowned universities , I will not deny that, it sure has good ones but one should look beyond it. We have some great institutions in Germany, France Netherlands and Many nordic countries. Offering Free tuition to all its undergraduate students ,including international students , Germany is the world’s most popular non-Anglophone destination for international students. 

 By quality education i mean , something beneficial to an individual pertaining to its qualities , values , basically a student’s core. Even if you do get into an ivy , but that place depresses you or sucks the energy out of you then there’s no fun in studying or the pride of having been able to get in. The once studious and shining student that you were would just begin to fade and eventually die out. To not fall to that extend one should always know who he actually is and wants on the inside.
 Getting into ivy leagues is now but a fad , a brutal fact. Due to which students stop enjoying and get limited time for introspection in high school. I would suggest that one should always stay broad minded and give time to everything including academics and leisure , both equally. Join as many clubs and give that much time to family as well , partake in debates not just in MUN’s but during family dinners , get to know what you can take a stand for since thats how i realised that i was a  feminist and a spokesman for changes in education. 
 Going to a good university in say , Amsterdam would do wonders to your education if you genuinely prefer it over New York. It’s an individual choice that matters. And who says that ivy league students don’t have rough sailing ? The over competitiveness, the tremendous pressure, it all gets too suffocating at the end. According to the American College Health Association’s 2012 National College Health Assessment, within the last year 86 percent of college students felt overwhelmed by all they had to do, and 45 percent felt that things were hopeless. More than 50 percent reported feeling overwhelming anxiety, and about a third reported feeling so depressed it was difficult to function. Rates of attempted suicide at Harvard College are almost twice the national rate. And 35 percent of Princeton students said that they developed a mental health issue after coming to campus.
 What could be the reason for all this ?  
A lack of introspection and a true sense of belonging , think.
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