Ambiguous Choices — Probably the best idea ?


 Transitioning from 10th grade to 11th grade is fine, it happens to every 16 year old. However, it also brings
about changes, major changes in regard to their future career. Getting the subject choices, brainstorming future possibilities, carefully examining the workload required, predicting time management flaws, and whatnot is what they do while finally getting their head towards ‘deciding’. It all comes down to their decision making, after all, some people deem it to be the ‘first proper decision’ of a student’s academic life. Conventionally in India and many asian countries, students are given streams which categorise classes into — science class which includes the usual physics, chemistry and biology along with a subject like math or psychology depending on the student’s liking and then there is commerce which includes business studies, accounts, math, and economics and the usual arts which can be mixed and matched. The perplexing and rather stressful mind game is to actually ‘know’ what they want to do in life.

Being just 15 or 16, a child is bombarded with life questions pertaining to his/her choice in 11th. How can you
expect a teenager with little experience in his choice of field to know what happens to a doctor or chartered accountant ? A person choosing science knows that he/she will have to work pretty hard unless they are pros in atomic numbers and molar masses. A person choosing commerce just knows that he/she will do well when surrounded by numbers and a person choosing arts is a humanitarian by heart. People who have it all figured out just sail by and do what they want to do without any stressful negative outbursts whereas the people who love everything and are all rounders just find it painstaking and killing! A cloud of confusion comes over that all rounder and showers him with questions regarding life and his personality. 
 Ambitions and passions are all together aloof from academic strengths and what combination of subjects colleges want to see in a student’s resume. If a person wants to be a writer but is inclined towards science, people often advise wrong, resulting in a poor choice by the impressionable writer. Maybe schools shouldn’t give combination choices, rather give subject choices, all individual and unique.The combination choice should completely be the student’s decision depending on his/her passion and academic strength for the happiness and tranquility of the student.

A practical student would conduct researches based on employment rates and job outlook of a particular major, after all, your subject decisions right now decide your major and minor choices. A science student doesn’t worry that much since science opens doors to everything and just every THING! So, incase a science student decides to choose business in college, he/she may do so with ease yet feel alienated in class as majority of business majors in college have studied business and commercial studies in high school. To be comfortable with the subject, one needs to be exposed to it for a short while before confirming it.

I have come across undergrads who got a liberal arts degree from The United States and came back to India to get into Medical School and repeat Undergrad all over again! By the time they get to actually treating patients, they’ll be dying their hair black. 

Another instance of indecisiveness is when a student chooses unique and non linked subjects in high school, well that seems like a pretty good and smart idea to me since it opens doors to all career paths. One might argue that it’s the same as being a jack of all, master of none, nonetheless, many universities prefer all rounded students (academically). So maybe indecisiveness can be a new trend in High school. Take everything and then declare your major. 

A typical equivocal combination of subjects showing universities a rigour of coursework and a willingness towards every academic field can be something like this —

 1. English
 2. Business 
 3. Biology 
 4. Economics
 5. Math 


 1. English
 2. History
 3. Business
 4. Chemistry 
 5. Psychology Anything that a student chooses, he/she should keep in mind an array of things. Contemplate on individual liking, probability of good grades, career options and what their universities of choice want. 

I would like to reiterate on the opinion that opting for a liberal combination gives the student an upper hand in choosing a suitable career. 
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