Making Reality Real is Art’s Responsibility ~ Eudora Welty


How often do we find ourselves succumbing to the compliancy of the frivolous world that we tend to lose our very own creativity, perception and truthfulness. That the very sight that is in front of us seems like a figment of our imagination to which there is no absolute veracity. That we, with our full consciousness are unable to fathom what is real and what is pseudo.

My words seem surreal and philosophical, however, what is true in them is what only I as a writer or an artist know. And that is the irony that art presents us with. A viewer, an admirer, or a mere passerby will have different perceptions of a piece of art that an artist left with his choice of title. But as Welty quotes, it is the responsibility of the artist, be it of any kind, to compel his admirers into thinking and believing that his work holds virtue and some verisimilitude.

At an adolescent age, people are bound by curiosity, there are a myriad of questions and to them, no one seems to hold a concrete answer. So, the adolescent, perplexed and bemused, looks for answers elsewhere and not from living beings. That is when art steps in. ‘Art’ can have many meanings—creativity, recreation, deception or just dexterity. But to me, it is a platform where human minds express what had never been there in actuality. It is where the enigma of the unanswered questions forms itself on canvas or paper. It is where the layman views it to wonder the same mystery the artist pondered upon.

Art gives both the parties an opportunity for rumination, reminiscing, admiration, fascination or just plain simple inquisitiveness for digging deep into the answers that the artist asked through his work. When you look outside, into the dark shadows of the bright buzzing world, you realise how much there is to be answered. To evince my thoughts, I would like to quote the famous artist Paul Gauguin who pondered over the mysteries of life and painted ‘WHERE DO WE COME FROM? WHAT ARE WE? WHERE ARE WE GOING?’ in 1897

This masterpiece tells us a story, an enigma of the mind, a longing for the truth. It asks us about our basic existence — an esoteric mystery.

Another great human, Shakespeare whose ‘seven stages of life’ which  depicts life and the very attributes of different ages shows us that no artist has ever stopped questioning. And this very questioning leads to generating curiosity amongst the masses who might start ‘believing’ in their own existence. The artist views the world in a way quite different from the conventional style, it is displayed before his retina with a unique perception. It could be dark or light, abstract or virtual, anything that his heart desires to take to his brain and then be performed by his hands on a stage that is visible to us, the admirers…the devotees of art.

Artists leave a mark on earth, letting the sphere know what they knew, feel what they felt and see what they saw.

It is moving while being completely still. It is poignant even if it is heart-rending. It is responsible even if it contentious itself.

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